STORE.ARCH-MOD.COM is a subdomain for operating as the store page for ARCH-MOD. Unfortunately due to the limitations of the website builder I use, a separate subdomain needs to be used for the e-commerce section of the site. This is an extension of the main site.


All on-site transactions and data are securely processed by PayPal, an online payment system operating since 1998. A PayPal account is not necessary for checkout, but can be used if you have one.


- All items sold by ARCH-MOD are new, have never been used, and come with the original papers.- All items are fully tested prior to shipping, so faults are unlikely.- I do not offer long-term warranty. However, I do offer a 14 day return/exchange period in case any fault crops up within that time. See below section for details.- The modifications I perform usually involve opening the watch and modifying internal components, so Casio warranty is void or very limited.


I accept returns/exchanges within a 14 day time window in case of faults, in which case you will receive a full refund for the amount you purchased the item for, or the exchange item of your choosing plus or minus any price differences.A faulty product is defined as: where one or more of the aspects of the item received do not match the description, either functionally or cosmetically.If this applies to you, reach out to me at the address below.


For any enquiries, feel free to contact me via email at: - I usually respond within 24hrs.